Corporate Investigation Services

Investigations have been for a long time a corporate practice, however, in Africa, this trend has picked up a couple of decades ago. Corporations, Law firms, Investors, Industry Regulators, Government agencies and departments, are now relying on market intelligence in decision making. This intelligence can either be in form of research or investigations. Somo Intelligence Group’s corporate investigations solutions has been of great solutions to a number of such entities. This has largely been due to our investigative scope, the depth to which we pursue leads and the expertise that we employ to carry out each particular assignment.


Our investigative expertise comes from the years of studies, experience and commitment of our investigations team. Our investigators’ backgrounds span the fields of intelligence gathering, law, civil litigation, investigative journalism, forensic Science, data analytics and cyber security. Our multidisciplinary expertise coupled with proprietary technology platforms and sophisticated applications enable us to provide clients with customized, cost-effective and time-sensitive investigations, our team expertise includes exceptional intelligence gathering skills, Forensics, data analytics and case reviews. We can draw evidence from all possible internal or external sources, whether electronic, paper or human.


Our corporate investigation solutions are categorized into two main sub-categories

Business and Financial Misconduct investigation: In risky market environments like the ones we normally are in, mitigating risks becomes part of a company’s’ daily endeavor. At Somo Group we work around our clients’ systems to identify possible fraud loopholes and to investigate fraud and other business malpractices to ensure the survival of our clients’ businesses and their eventual growth. According to a research report carried out by our research and development division in 2014, the biggest killer of businesses that have survived for more than five years, are theft, fraud and corruption at 80%.

Opportunities, Risks and Business Relationship Investigation: In today’s business environment, outsourcing business services to vendors and suppliers for critical business operations can yield significant opportunities and market advantages. It is also a gate way to new risks, which go beyond simple reputation concerns. Companies are now held responsible for managing those risks, and must oversee and analyze the quality of their business relationships.


When rolling out this service:

  1. We evaluate the integrity of individuals and corporate personally and professionally that wants to do business with you (our clients) to ensure that they bring value to your company.
  2. In procurement related challenges we trace and evaluate the supply chain for compliance related vulnerabilities
  3. Conduct third party screening for state and company regulatory compliance
  4. Create robust programs that meet compliance & integrity requirements, identifying weaknesses in internal control
  5. Investigate suspected & alleged compliance violations internally or by third parties