Somo Intelligence Group
The Private Intelligence Agency

The name “Somo” is Borrowed from a Swahili word meaning “Partner or Name Sake” When working for our clients they become our partners, their problems become our problems and their success become ours too.

We are an African Investigation and  Forensic Consultancy firm, that is fully committed to excellence, professionalism and customer service throughout Africa.  .

We are a State Registered Private Investigation and Forensic Agency. We like, however, to think of ourselves as The Private Intelligence Agency due to our unparalleled skill set and experience.This is who we are.

Us like most other top Investigation Agencies, we make competency not only a value but the core philosophy of all our activities, however, at

Somo Group this competency is defined differently, it is for this reason that all our key personnel and consultants are forensic professionals, and we constantly retraining to equip for the constantly emerging and changing investigation challenges.
We have a multidisciplinary expertise relevant for an investigation agency, that enables us to provide our clients with highly thought out and very applicable solutions for their different investigation needs.

This is what we do

This is what we do

We are methodical, reliable, efficient, discrete and personal in the execution of our investigation related services, thus all our services maintain their high standards yet are highly customized to individual needs

Investigation is not what we do, It is who we are!

Company Name:

Somo Group Limited
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Postal Address

1168-0300, Ronald Ngala-Nairobi
H.Q offices

Mt. View Estate, Gate 123
Contact Information
Office Tel: +254727 365 486

To provide sound intelligence services by engaging the best industry practices, highly qualified personnel, and to constantly improve our body of knowledge on issues that impact our service delivery and customer satisfaction

To be an all-round Private Intelligence Agency, with the main aim of meeting all our customers Forensic, legal, Security and Intelligence needs by encouraging our staff to reach their full potential in research and ingenuity


At Somo Intelligence Group, we welcome accountability and feedback, we value the knowledge and experience of others and we will never let our success get the better of us.


We imagine what “could be” and then build it. We are in the habit of viewing obstacles as opportunities.

Be Invaluable

We don’t have a business without our customers, we do whatever it takes to make our customers feel “There is no way I can live without Somo Group”.

Build Simple Systems

We look for the simplest and smartest way to get the results we want. Then we leave a record of what we’ve learned so others can follow.

Have Fun

We are blessed to do what we love, so that means we have a lot of fun at work and want to spread the enthusiasm to all our clients and partners.

Why Us

Our key management staff and several of our senior consultants hold the professional Forensic Science Degree. A Forensic Science Professional is a dedicated professional who has demonstrated their competency through an intensive qualification and testing program in the areas of computer & physical security, investigative solutions and legal expert witnessing practices. As a result, individuals holding this coveted designation are recognized as proven leaders. Somo Group strongly believes in the value of education and professional certification, and the many degrees and designations held by our staff is a testament to this conviction.

Our consultants offer our clients several years of collective experience from diverse backgrounds including law enforcement, integrated system designs, computer forensics, and forensic science both from the public and private sectors.

At Somo Group we understand the risks companies encounter while operating in today’s world. Our security management consultants offer companies the tools necessary to understand and manage risks, keeping their business in business.